Core Business
Members of the group
  • Qingyuan City Greenspring Environment Protection Technology
  • Shenzhen City Greenspring Recycling Resources Technology Co.
  • Shenzhen City Li Sai Industrial Development Limited.
  • Changsha Huiming Renewable Resources Technology Company Limi
  • Swan (Huizhou) Investment Company Limited.
  • Nanjing Feng Shang New Technology Limited Liability Company.
  • Greenspring(Nanjing)Recycling Resources Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Jinan Hongquan Water Production Co., Ltd.
  • Foshan Gaoming Huaxin Sewage Treatment Company Limited.
  • Shandong Jining Haiyuan Water Treatment Company Limited.
  • Shandong Linyi City Fenghuang Water Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Hainan Danzhou Tap Water Company Limited.
  • Yingtan Water Supply Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangxi Yichun Fangke Sewage Treatment Company Limited.
  • Jiangxi Yichun Water Industry Co., Ltd.
Company Interview
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